Microgreen Deliveries

During omicron, we are offering home delivery for select central Wellington suburbs and delivering for free!

You will receive a selection of 3 punnets of microgreens, such as:

Purple radishPak choiPeashoots
Daikon radishMizunaFenugreek
Red kaleLinseedCoriander

These are delivered as a living product, for you to harvest as you need. Fresh!

Your microgreens will be grown in Te Aro in organic seed raising mix. We are committed to minimising waste and will sanitise and reuse your empty punnets, again and again.

If you are in a Wellington city suburb with postcode 6021 or 6023 (have a look at a map), you are in our current delivery zone. If we have enough demand we’ll consider expanding these delivery areas, so send us a message!